Palm Beach Rowing Association

The Premier  Rowing Club of South Florida

The course is set each week, dependent on the wind conditions.

Generally the start is from the bottom left buoy, North to the top left Buoy, around the most northerly marker to the top right marker and then south to the finish line, bottom right.

Five who took part in the Memorial Race,

Raymond Tollman, Travis Green, Jim Green, Andrew Aiken,

Martin Conroy. Dave Lill took the photos.

Tour du Lac.

The club holds an open single sculling challenge race over a 5KM course around the lake on most Sundays at 8 am. The starting order is determined by the US Rowing handicap system.  During the summer sprint season replace the 5KM race with 1000M races, typically 4X1000s.  Once the Master's Nationals are over in mid-August we will return to the 5KM format on Sundays. 

The race is open to sculler from other clubs.


On 19th October we dedicated our race in memory of the late

Mrs. Nancy Carpenter Prouty Green, mother of Jim Green, one of our founding members.