Palm Beach Rowing Association

The Premier  Rowing Club of South Florida

President's Letter

Summer 2016 

Twelve months have gone by since my last letter and much has happened in that time.

January continues to be the busiest time around the boathouse with the influx of our many non-resident members. this can make for some exciting races in our weekly club handicap race, better known as the Tour du Lac.  Once the Head season is over we change from a single 5km handicap race to a 3X1000m sprint format. This certainly helps sharpen our starting skills and strategy for 6-lane racing. We will return to the 5km format in September after the World masters regatta.

Again this year, founder member James Green continued his stalwart supervision of the Bank Restoration project. We stated 3 years ago with modest addition of 50 sandbags to shore up the bank of Lake Mangonia. Since then over 300 bags have been added and grassed over with sod. The bank's gradual slope now makes boat launching much easier and a great deal safer.  Something we all appreciate. 


This fall we established a master Five Year Plan for the replacement of several club doubles and singles. The program needs funding to be successful. Accordingly James Green has taken on the task of chairing the fund raising endeavor.  While the club always hopes for donations from outside our organization, it is inevitable that in a small organization within an amateur sport will need to raise the funding from the membership.  I ask that each of you do what you can to support the club through Jim Green's initiative. Please be a generous as you can.

Through a very generous donation we have added a M/W Wintech Double/Pair and a Fluidesign M/W double. We are hoping to raise enough money to replace our Harrison H/W single in early 2017 following board approval at the annual meeting in December.

Finally, by popular demand, we are retaining the link to a YouTube video that shows how significant a good cox can be in winning a boat race.

Raymond Tollman

President, PBRA

Click photo to see the difference a Coxswain can make.